Photo © Jennie Jones
  • Photo © Jennie Jones

Why Support the Museum?

The Cleveland Museum of Art is both a timeless and innovative artistic institution in Northeast Ohio. Your support helps us to enrich our community not only culturally, but also educationally and economically. Through the philanthropy of our friends, the museum continues to be locally engaged and internationally relevant, while ensuring the unmatched “Cleveland Quality” in our collection and new acquisitions. 

The Cleveland Museum of Art strives to be a model of cultural and intellectual excellence, attracting scholars on a global level, and promoting and facilitating scholarly endeavors locally. Countless curators and conservators have trained, studied, or apprenticed at the museum, where their interaction with an unequaled collection has resulted in some of the finest and most creative conservators and curators in the world.

Artistic Excellence
The Cleveland Museum of Art’s permanent collection is revered internationally for its combination of breadth and quality, housing superb works from a broad array of cultures, which includes more than 45,000 objects and spans 6,000 years of achievement in the arts. Our curators must continue to focus on acquiring objects that supersede what is already on display and thereby refine the collection for the sake of excellence. At the same time, our curators must also strive to constantly reassess the collection, seeking the best and most innovative ways to activate these world-class objects in the galleries. As part of that development, it is imperative that our curatorial staff persistently examine ways to reshape and redefine the collection, most notably by highlighting the unique resources we possess.

Community Engagement
Civic engagement is central to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s mission and a key to its successful future. The museum’s aim is to be accessible in every sense of the term—physically, socially, and intellectually—by engaging the community and expanding the influence and reach of the museum. Although the museum is an institution of international significance with a world-renowned collection, it also is an organization in a unique position to take on multiple roles as a convener, a connector, and a catalyst—at times as a developer of and a partner in creative ideas, programs, research, and action, and at other times simply a destination, a welcoming host, or a place for creative exploration, innovation and celebration.