'Tis the Season to Make Your Annual Fund Gift

For almost a century, the Cleveland Museum of Art has held a special place in the hearts of the thousands of families, members, residents, tourists, and artists who visit each year. For some, the museum provides a quiet space to behold and connect with art objects. For others, it has become a proud symbol of the region’s cultural and economic development. To many local citizens, the museum serves as a bridge to the surrounding community, and to the world. There are countless reasons to claim the museum as a community treasure, but as you read this think about why the museum has a special place in your life. Was it the setting of your first date? Is the Armor Court the first destination for you and your grandchildren when they visit? Perhaps you have forged lifelong friendships by participating in our docent program. Whatever the reason may be, most agree that the museum delivers ‘Cleveland Quality’ experiences to all of our visitors—and always for free. While you reflect on your experiences at the museum, consider how a tax-deductible contribution to the museum impacts thousands of individuals. Annual fund gifts to the Cleveland Museum of Art provide vital operating support, above and beyond endowment and earned income. Your support affords the museum the opportunity to make a significant impact in the region, is an investment in Ohio’s preeminent cultural institution, and continues the mission of our founders …for the benefit of all the people forever. You may make your Annual Fund gift online at http://goo.gl/2kMP9


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